Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recouping & Refocusing

The North Face 50 left me a bit awestruck. Despite running Javelina the previous month I had thought I was in better shape. The depressing feeling it left me morphed into a motivation to excel. Something clicked.

Since doing ultras my training and mindset has been pretty vanilla. I wanted to go out and run. I was concerned in only the essential details to get me by because I was afraid that anything more would make me dislike it. It was a fear that anything too structured would spoil the adventure and ruin the fun. I didn't want to burn myself out and hate it. I'm not sure how but that race lit a fire in me. It gave me the desire to want to improve myself.

Perhaps it's the last race for 2011 and it feels like a closure and reflection. It feels like this year has been a great experiment - new distances and new courses. Even with the short time of experience I have gained I feel ready to train again with real focus. I'll do specific training and work my butt off.

Even with a greater focus and desire I feel the desire for adventure. In the past I might look down on hiking a part of hard trail when I was tired and shy away from that course. This time I'll hike it and it won't bother me. It will be enjoyable because I'll see more.

Ahead of me is putting together a schedule for 2012. A couple 50k's with Mesquite Canyon 50k being a focus. Zane Grey in April. A 100 in the summer which looks like San Diego 100 in June. Later in the year is in the works. It will be a great year.

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