Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Make It or Break It - North Face 50

So that is what I'm up to this weekend. San Francisco Marin Headlands and the wildly competitive NF50. I am beyond blessed with the ability to get there and am intimidated to say the least in regards. I, of course, am in no shape to actually run with any of the tops dogs but being part of the scene will be exciting. A handful of the best ultrarunners in the world... perhaps the most ever to run in the same event? Crazy.

Have you ever seen "Pumpkin Chunkin" on Discovery Channel? That competition where a bunch of people gather once a year with catapult-like machines built to sling pumpkins the furthest possible? Competitors have three attempts to make the best distance. The third try everyone rigs up their machine to the maximum tension without regards to if things will break or not. If it works you have a prime chance at winning. This is what The North Face 50 feels like to me with many of these top level athletes. Those are who know how to tune their bodies to the perfect tension win. Make it or break it.

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