Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paatuwaquasti - Water is Life 50k

It's been a long time since I have posted anything and it's mainly because I never know where to start. So instead of thinking I'll just start.

I didn't do any races from April to August so it feels like a LONG time. I however did some pacing/crewing at Angeles Crest 100 (which was amazing, scary and inspiring at the same time). Other than that most races during those summer months normally require long travel or are things that require entry that involve lotteries or extra requirements.

Finally racing season has finally starting to begin here in Arizona, for me at least. I did the Paatuwaquasti - Water is Life 50k which is not a race more-so a run or experience. It was really awesome and lots of fun to be out there with other people. You can read a great report on that here: http://iantorrence.blogspot.com/2011/09/paatuwaqatsi-run-water-is-life-50k.html

Here are some digital photographs:

I really wish they wouldn't put those awful power lines everywhere. Ugh.

Dude on the left there had a little too much sun tan lotion on... looks like casper.

Finishing up wearing my Air Jordans

It was that big.

Finish conversation. All the cool people wear baller shorts. Just FYI.

Always one step ahead of fashion. Don't hate.

Upcoming Stuff:

I have given a lot of thought of the runs I will be doing in the upcoming months. This is what will happen:

Man Against Horse 50 mile - October 1
Javelina Jundred 100 mile - November 12
TNF 50 - December 3

I think that looks good. The thing I'm a bit... uhh inquisitive? about is Javelina. I have no idea how that shit will play out. It's loops but it looks fun because of the Halloween aspect and huge group of runners and support... but damn loops. Oh well. It's close... has a sweet ass belt buckle. I want a buckle so I can:
a) wear a rockin' belt
b) intimidate people
c) intimidate intimidating people
d) look badass

Yeah I have no idea how my training is going to play out for 100 miles but I'll finish one thing a time.....

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